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What We Do

Simplified Toll Invoice & Billing

Our solution makes it possible for the reconciliation & consolidation of ALL tolls & moving violation(s) transactions on one invoice. Depending on the client’s business rules, the invoice can be further categorized.

Dedicated Client Account Support

Specialist that will manage your account on your behalf – Less time & hassle spent on the phone trying to resolve payments OR disputes.

Cost Effective Toll Management

We offer a concierge type of service which means our clients are never to be tied-up performing non-essential tasks that could be outsourced for a fraction of the overall cost.

A Single-Point Toll Management Platform

All your tolls & moving violations nationwide are managed and processed from a single platform. You NEVER have to contact or reach out to ANY agency or authority.

Discounts & Elimination of Toll Violation Fees & Fines

We are able to afford our clients discounts as well as have late fee(s) & administrative fee(s) reduced and/or completely waived.

Instant Toll Charge-Backs

(Customers Pay As They Bring Back Loaner) Reconciliation of Tolls is made possible and timely for autodealer to bill the customer as they are bringing back the loaner. No longer will the autodealer have to wait and/or incur the toll costs associated with loaners.

Who We Serve

Private Fleet Solution

Nationwide Toll & Moving Violation Management without the hassles of dealing with the local authorities & associated Tolling Agencies through our cutting-edge system that LINKS to ALL these entities nation-wide.

Auto Dealer Fleet Solution

Complete Toll Violation Management for your Loaner/Rental OR Sales Agent Tolls. Auto Dealers will no longer have to "eat" the Toll costs associated with their rental/courtesy fleet. Our platform allows for a car dealer to process 95% of tolls as the customer is returning the vehicle.

Contractor Fleet Solution

Our solution is a great fit for companies that maintain a fleet for their independent contractors.
The solution will provide a central point from which ALL tolls & moving violations are managed from without having to request expense reports from each individual.

Mobile & Desktop Accessible

  • Get quick and easy, actionable toll data as well as other moving violation data such as speeding & red light citations.
  • Our platform processes and displays meaningful data that your operations team can act on without having to look at multiple systems for the same info.
  • The platform is accessible via web across different devices with seamless user interface.
  • There is no software downloads needed or installation required. Simply login and get to work.

Our Difference

Fleet Toll violations’ resolution & management could be done better and more efficiently; We have this notion as our premise for developing our cutting-edge Toll Management Solution.

  • We have an in-depth understanding of the nuances associated with tolls & moving violation management as well as the many moving parts that go into play for the entire system to function.
  • We bridge the gap brought about by the existence of myriad local agencies/authority(s) scattered nationwide – So you get to only deal with us for ALL your tolls & moving violations related issues.
  • We have proprietary technology developed to efficiently & effectively manage tolls and moving violations nationwide – Our solution is effective & efficient at how it works that we are able to offer our clients turn-key ROI upon signing up.

Complete Coverage

Nationwide Coverage

Our solution makes it possible to manage & process fleets' Toll transactions, moving violations & Weigh Station Bypass(s) nationwide.


True Innovation

Technology Developed For Large & Small Fleets

Our solution was developed specifically for fleets - Both large & small fleets. Our solution excels where ALL other solutions in the markeplace fail.


Complete Visibility

Actionable Insight

Due to the accuracy and acceptance of intra-agency data exchange nationwide, data received is detailed enough to facilitate and allow for reporting & analysis.


True Value

Nationwide Fleet Toll Platform

All your Tolls & moving violations managed from one application, saving your company time, money, and making work hassle free.

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