We are Innovative

INNOVATIVE TOLL SOLUTION is a full service fleet toll management product that allows for fleets of all sizes to be compliant and covered nationwide on one platform. We work with fleets of all sizes and industry verticals. As fleets continue to evolve and mature, there is a push for incorporating technology as part of the business process in running an effective and efficient fleet.

Our solution incorporates technology in ways that make it ideal for a fleet to retain a competitive edge over their peers. Our fleet management software solution enables fleet owners to gain visibility into their toll spend, optimize asset management, make informed business decisions using actionable data as well as manage cashflow with our monthly billing.

As a technology driven solution provider, we believe in equipping our clients with the best and cutting edge fleet management tools. We also provide support that goes above and beyond industry standards which is very hard in the ever changing business landscape.



As Tolling becomes mainstream and complex with all the different jurisdictions and authorities, a different fleet Toll management approach needs to be incorporated in the modern day fleet. A more centralized and singular solution that aggregates and integrates to the myriad toll agencies nationwide is now the only efficient and effective way to stay compliant and covered nationwide. Choosing the right partner for your fleet toll management is now more than ever a mission critical affair. We make that choice very clear and simple with our Fleet Toll Management solution that provides the best coverage & compliance nationwide on one platform.

Vision & Mission

A Better Toll Management Solution: We simply want to solve the existing tolling quagmire that has been conjured up by the different tolling authorities. We also want to do this in the most efficient and effective way for our clients.


Stack Up

Our Toll Management solution is built using some of the most cutting edge and agile technology. As a young and disruptive fleet management solution provider, we take pride in the fact that most of our peers are still operating on outdated and inefficient technology. Our applications have been developed using high-level programming language(s) that place emphasis on code readability and simplicity.