Business to Customer Fleet Toll Solutions

With your fleet's logistics and workload changing every day based on customer demand, you likely find yourself dealing with a constantly changing toll landscape. Keeping up with toll compliance is difficult, especially when it's impossible to plan ahead of time what states and tolling jurisdictions your fleet will be passing through each week.

We make it simple by making sure you are compliant with every tolling authority across the country. Our team is adept at ensuring that every one of your vehicles can pass through tolls without racking up unnecessary charges. We keep you compliant whether you choose to use transponders or not and will assist you in outfitting all your vehicles or in making sure every license plate is in the system.


You're used to managing a host of vehicles and all the challenges that come with it. With that background, we know you won't be comfortable outsourcing your fleet toll management unless you know where every penny is going. Your monthly invoice won't leave anything up to the imagination. Every expense, fee, charge, and violation will be itemized, categorized, and easy to understand.

You can set up your account to automatically flag certain transactions so you can quickly identify potential issues. This will give you insight into spending trends that will assist with more accurate budgeting and financial planning month by month.

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AI-integrated Platform

Not only is our intuitive platform designed to best serve you as a business-to-customer fleet, but it's also integrated with AI and machine learning capabilities so we're always improving upon old and new technologies alike. This has helped us save clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past several years and it keeps us on top of trends and changes in the industry. Even so, we know we can't fit your business into a one-size-fits-all software, so our system gives you the freedom to customize invoicing and reporting to fit your unique business model.


As a business-to-customer fleet, you understand how important customer service is to the success of your company. We feel the same way. We won't make you sort through customer success representatives and deal with someone who doesn't know your company every time you have a question.

You will be partnered with a dedicated account manager that will handle all your needs. From set up to invoicing to day-to-day management to fielding questions and concerns, they will be your one point of contact to ensure your success with fleet toll management.

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You can manage your whole fleet from one AI-integrated platform that gives you interoperability with every tolling authority. We work with you to decide how to best set up your fleet for nationwide compliance, whether you use transponders or not.

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Our relationships with tolling authorities across the nation mean we receive special discounts which are then passed on to you. Add that to all the man hours you save and human errors you eliminate with our AI-integrated platform, and you'll be surprised at the cost-saving benefits.



We remove the fragmented and confusing nature of receiving bills from different tolling authorities. Your dedicated account manager will work with you to clearly highlight actionable insights on your biweekly or monthly invoices to make financial planning simpler than ever.

Innovative Toll Solution is a fleet management tool that provides an online dashboard as well as a mobile app both of which offer an enhanced & unique overall user experience.


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We integrate tried and true methods of toll management with the latest technology through our proprietary system that handles all your toll solution needs from one central location.



We can't overstate the time-saving value of a single system to handle every toll fee and moving violation. And since time is such a valuable asset in fleet management, you'll find yourself with a huge advantage over your competitors.



No more wondering about whether or not you're doing the right thing with your toll management. The visibility and insight we offer remove the guesswork and supply you with critical, decision-making data.